IELTS Listening- Luyện tập với thông tin về personal information- SECTION 1


In the first section of the IELTS listening test, it is common to have to take a note of some personal information from one of the speakers. This can be there name, their address, a telephone number or other similar details.
In this section of the test, it is also common for the speaker to spell a word (for example, that speaker may say ‘I live in Arlene Road, that’s A–R–L–E–N–E Road’.).

Here are just some of the points you may need to listen out for when listening for personal information:

  • Surname / Family name
  • Other names (this could include nicknames of abbreviations)
  • Telephone number
  • Current occupation
  • Marital status (e.g. single, divorced, married, separated)
  • Educational qualifications
  • D.O.B (date of birth)
  • Nationality
  • Current address

These questions can often be the easiest way to pick up points in the IELTS listening test, but points can also be lost for not spelling the answer correctly. Practice by listening to the recording below and putting the word you hear in the boxes below. To simulate the real IELTS test, don’t pause the recording – see if you can keep up with the spelling.

1a Name

1b. Place

2a Name

2b. Place

3a Name

3b. Place

4a Name

4b. Place

5a Name

5b. Place

6a Name

6b. Place

7a Name

7b. Place

8a Name

8b. Place


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