IELTS Speaking-Part II 2015-Describe a historic building

  1. Describe an historic building that you have visited.
    You should say:
    what it was
    where it was
    and explain what features of the building you found interesting.

Well, I definitely think that “Thap Rua” meaning “Turtle Tower” is one of the most important historical buildings in Vietnam. It is on Jade island of Guom lake, which is located in the Old Quarter, the very central part of Hanoi.

Turtle Tower was built in the late 1800’s where Ta Vong temple – an earlier temple, had stood. The temple was built to honor a famous king Le Loi, who fought foreign invaders.
Legend has it that the Lake was a place where the Dragon King reclaimed the sword he had given to Le Loi to free Vietnamese people from enemies from the North.

Today, so many people visit the lake and tower to take pictures of hundred-year-old turtles surfacing, which has long been considered as a sign of good fortune by locals.

The Turtle Tower, I strongly believe, has a huge significance in Vietnamese history as well as culture.

(Nguồn: Mr Hoàng)


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