IELTS Speaking-Part II 2015-Describe a person you know

  1. Describe a person you know who dresses well
    You should say:
    who this person is
    what kind of clothes this person likes to wear (or, wears)
    how you know this person
    and explain why you think this person dresses well.
  2. Describe a person you know who speaks a second (or foreign) language well.
    You should say:
    who this person is
    how you know this person
    what language this person speaks
    how often they speak it
    and explain why you say they speak it “well”.
  3. Describe a person (you know) who travels a lot by plane.
    You should say:
    who this person is
    how you know this person
    where this person travels to
    and explain why they (= he or she) choose to travel by plane


Today, I am going to share with you a person I know who dresses well/ who speaks a foreign language well/ who travels a lot by plane. That person is my boss.
As a typical business woman, she has to meet many people from all over the world. That’s why she speaks English as fluently as Vietnamese. Besides, she also dresses very well because appearance plays a very important role in the sales market.
She is tall and thin, thus she always choose to wear blouses with pencil skirts or midi dresses because such smart clothes not only complement her figure, but also give her a formal look suitable for the business meeting. Whenever she appears in public, she draws everyone’s attention. People look at her with admiration. I think that is one of reasons why she is such a successful business woman.
Due to the characteristic of her job she has to travel to HCM city quite often because our company has a large customer bases in the south.
– For topic travels a lot by plane:
As a result, travelling by plane is the only choice for her. There are months she has to go there once a week to prepare for clients meeting or provide training to new employees.
– For topic speaks a foreign language well:
Being competent in English also helps her a lot in closing deal with international clients. She speaks English so well that one of our customers complimented her on sounding exactly like a native speaker.

(Nguồn: Mr Hoàng)


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