IELTS Speaking-Part II 2015-Describe a person you know whose job is important to society

  1. Describe a person you know whose job is important to society.
    You should say:
    who this person is
    how you know this person
    what job they do (= he or she does)
    and explain why you think their job is important or why you think their work contributes to society.

Today, I am going to share with you a person I know whose job is important to our society. That person is my boss.
Bài viết được sưu tập bởi Mr Hoàng-học viên lớp sáng t2-t4 (ielts ngọc bách) Page 15
As a typical business woman, she has to meet a lot of people from all over the world. That’s a reason why she can speaks English as fluently as Vietnamese. She also dresses very well because appearance is important in the sales market.
She is tall and thin, so she always choose to wear blouses with pencil skirts or midi dresses, which not only complement her figure but also give a formal look suitable for business meetings. Whenever she appears in public, she draws everyone’s attention. People look at her with admiration. I think that’s why she is such a successful business woman.
In my opinion, there are several reasons why her job plays important role in our society.
– First, the success of entrepreneurs allows the government to get higher income from taxes, fees.
– Second, successful business person can be a model for young people to follow, encourage them to try hard and enhance the high level job performance.

(Nguồn: Mr Hoàng)


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