IELTS Speaking-Part II 2015-Describe some paid work

  1. Describe some paid work (or, a paid job) that you or a friend enjoyed doing.
    You should say:
    what the work was
    where you did this work
    who you worked with
    and explain why you or your friend enjoyed doing this work.


Today, I am going to share with you the first paid job I really enjoy in my life.
The situation happened about ten years ago, it was September 2005, I guess. At that time, I was in the last year at my university. So when my best friend suggested that I should apply to restaurant waiter job, I jumped at the chance.
Actually, I was a dynamic person, so I was excited about the suggestion. I applied online for that job, and a few days later, I was called for an interview. 2 weeks later after that, they gave a call a said that I could go to work the next day.
The name of restaurant was Green. It was located at the central of this city. It was very nice environment. I really loved doing this work for some reasons:

  • Firstly, it allowed me to meet the basic human needs with high salary. Consequently, I could be mature enough to live independently on my own income.
  • Secondly, the job gave me countless opportunities to improve English skills. Communication with foreign customers constantly helped me to be able to speak and hear the English language.
  • Finally, it also helped me to obtain a lot of real experience.

(Nguồn: Mr Hoàng)


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