IELTS Speaking-Part II 2015-Experience

  1. Describe the stage of life that you have enjoyed the most.
    You should say:
    what stage it was
    what you used to do during that stage
    where you were during that stage
    who you spent time with during that stage
    and explain why you enjoyed that stage so much.
  2. Describe an experience you had as a member of a team.
    You should say:
    where it was
    who were the members of the team
    what you did together in this team
    and explain why you became a member of this team or explain what the purpose of the team was


Well, speaking of an age I mostly enjoy in my life, I would like to describe the year when I was about 18 years old. That was the best year of high school before entering to the university.
At that time, I was a member of a football team in my class and we played a lot of football match after classes. Almost all of my friends were big fan of football, so we found it easy to get enough guys together and then went to the playground.
I really wanted to go back then because you know, after growing up, it seems to be hard to find the suitable guys and teams to play football again. Everyone seems to be busy all the time.
Although we were facing the coming examination and everyone was so stressful, I thought it was worth spending a lot of time and energy in the playground, which allowed us to get off stress and pressure from lessons and exams.
After years of physical exercise, we all kept the fitness and our body shape greatly, which benefits me all the way through my life later on.

(Nguồn: Mr Hoàng)


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