Đề thi IELTS Writing – 28/03/2015 – Some people think that increasing communication usage of computers


Some people think that increasing communication usage of computers and mobile phones by young people has had a negative effect on their reading and writing skills.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It is sometimes argued that reading and writing skills of a new generation are negatively affected because the use of technology in transferring information is soaring. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this view for the following reasons.

The popularity of high-tech products in communication is beneficial for children to improve their skills to some extent. Firstly, students could use the Internet every single day for their own reading purposes. For example, some Vietnamese learners searching information on common websites like Bbc.com are more likely to catch up with the lastest news about economy, politics, and sports. As a result, the speed of their reading skills are more likely tend to be quicker than those who do not take advanteges of the Internet. Secondly, youngsters can text messages through computers. An essay  might be sent easily through email by students to their teachers in order to check vocabulary or grammar mistakes, so these learners may advance significantly in a short time.

Besides, young people’s abilities are enhanced by the increasing use of mobile phones in communicating with other people. To begin with, teenagers are able to use native words correctly thanks to social network. If a person often use foreign languages to keep in touch with their relatives who have lived overseas for a long time, they will probably apply slangs and idioms to a letter. Furthermore, school-age children could learn more pratical words. They usually read all the instructions before making  a free video call or signing up a game account on mobile phones, which allows them to understand clearly all terms.

In conclusion, I would argue that the influences of technological devices used to transfer signals on youngsters’ reading and writing skills can be totally positive.


As all technological advances have brought on both positive and negative impacts on human life, the computer and cell phone are not an exception. Therefore, it is no surprise when some people claim that the intensive use of computers and cell phones will pose a threat to young people’s reading and writing skills. To the best of my knowledge, this issue is not as serious as someone believes if considered from different perspectives and in specific occasions.

Obviously, the use of a multifunctional word processing may prevent the young from practising writing by hand. Some of them really have much more scrawling hand scripts than those of previous generations. In some cultures like Vietnamese, handwriting is also regarded as one’s intelligence and personality; however, time has changed! People nowadays are too busy to write a letter by hand; instead, a short message is enough to convey what one wants to send to the receiver. Updated software and a convenient keyboard allow writers to use different writing styles and formats, depending on the kind of document they are preparing. To some extent, sacrificing neat handwriting for better and more effective communication is a worthy cause.

With regard to reading skill, the computer and mobile phone have greatly benefited youngsters. They may not frequently read paper books or newspapers simply because all the information is available and accessible on the Internet, where they can read whatever they want and whenever they need it. With a small or even free of charge, young people can approach to different kind of information from different sources promptly and easily. Another evident advantage worth mentioning is the fact that besides the content, they are able to observe others’ views on the same problem, broadening their knowledge about the fields they are interested in.

In summary, the benefits computers and mobile phones bringing to young people can overweigh their drawbacks. Hardly could anyone imagine that the modern world would exist without the presence of these devices, so making good use of new technology is part of objective reality


Due to the wide range of different applications of technological devices such as computers and smart phones that they provide, people tend to utilize them thoroughly to their lives. In fact, the number of high-tech users has grown dramatically in recent years. As a result, not surprisingly, it has been claimed that such devices has impinged on literacy of the young. However, as far as it is concerned, i personally believe that the impacts are not formidable.

We are dwelling in a world that the use of technological machines is inevitable, and yet they bring us a great deal of benefits. Firstly, they keep us informed on every matter happening around us or in different part of the world. By means of the internet and technology, we are aware of any piece of news that we are interested in. Furthermore, not only does it make life more easily, it creates new opportunities to achieve great things that we could never have thought of. But most importantly, technology gives human beings an entirely new way to experience. For instance, we now can read magazines and newspapers online with high convenience, not to mention that typing any document using softwares can provide us high -quality results and the ability to edit it that old fashioned ways could not, and therefore, increasing the effectiveness of any work.

Having said that, we need to take the regard into account carefully. The fact is that, in some cases, people abuse the richness of high- tech.This is indicated more notably in young people. In order to decrease the amount of time typing, they change the words into a shorter form. In the long term, it is likely to have nagetive impacts on the ability to write as well as to increase the likelihood of making spelling mistakes.

So in my conclusion, it is undeniable that the encrochments of using these devices such as mobile phones and computers are visable on the ability to read and write, but there impacts are not highly concerned. As long as the young know how to use these innovations in a right way as they are supposed to be, technology will be part of their success.


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