Đề thi IELTS Writing – 29/08/2015 – Some people think that the governments should give financial support to artists


Some people think that the governments should give financial support to artists, musicians and poets. Others think that it is a waste of money. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Governmental finance as a form of support for artists has evolved has a major topic of concern in modern society. While some believe there are real benefits of this policy, I would contend that that this is a waste of financial resources.

There is a common belief that artists should be provided with financial support by the state. People may argue that some artists receive less money compared with they devote to society. For example, Nguyen Van Ty, a nationally-famous musician in Vietnam, lived a deprived life and died in poverty. Another significant reason for this belief is that once governmental budget on supporting artists is allowed, thousands of young artists would be stimulated to contribute more to the development of art. A clear example of this is that the 2005 governmental allowance for young photographers in Singapore acted as a precursor to an era that Singaporean photography took a giant leap to become a leading industry in the whole country’s entertainment industry.

However, I am convinced that this type of governmental spending is worthless. The primary reason is that in today’s economy, artists can take care of themselves financially without the help of the government. With the aid of the Internet and digital technology, artists can now reach millions of people by publishing their artwork online. With this larger target audience, artists may easily find buyers of their artwork and therefore do not need financial assistance. Another significant reason why this is a waste of money is that there are better ways for the government to spend their budget for art. Investment in art education, for example, not only raises the public awareness of art but also makes people treasure art more. The result of this practice is that the public would willingly pay more for artwork, which is a more sustainable way to promote art, making providing artists with financial assistance a less cost effective and thus a money-wasting policy.

To conclude, although the idea of giving artists financial assistance is worthwhile to some, I firmly believe that there are far more compelling reasons why this policy is a waste of money in today’s society.


It is argued that government should pay an adequate amount of money for artists, musicians and poets, while some people believe that this is an unwise financial investment. In my opinion, though there are some reasons for not giving financial support to the artist, I believe that it is necessary to support them financially.

On the one hand, there are several points explaining why government’s financial support fort artists, musicians and poets is a completely waste of money. Firstly, there are many important social problems that need to be solved. For example, many places damaged by environmental pollution should be repaired; also, the poor and poor regions, especially those suffered from natural disasters have a great need of being provided with food, living places and reconstructed by the government. Secondly, the artist can make money by selling their artistic products. Many famous paintings of well-known artists can range in price from thousands to millions of dollars.

On the other hand, I believe that government should support artistic people financially for some noticeable reasons. Artistic works have a considerable contribution to the national culture. By producing musics, writing poems or drawing paintings, these works are developing the diversity of the national entertainment industry. People who work in the field of arts can become internationally famous, which is advertising their local culture to the world. Also, the arts sector is creating many job opportunities for people who have artistic talents and making a great effort to serve people’s needs of entertainment. For example, musics can release our stresses from work and relax our minds, while poems can nourish our souls.

In conclusion, there are some issues that need to be financially supported, I do believe that government should pay a limited amount of money to the artist for their invaluable contribution to the national culture.


While many people argue that governments should not support financially for artists due to it is a waste of money, I personally believe they need to be received certain financial supports from authorities.

On the one hand, there are some reasons why many individuals disagree that governments need to give financial support to artists, musicians and poets. Firstly, because of limitation on financial resources, authorities can not waste money for arts sector while they also have to spend money on many important issues such as economic development, public healthcare as well as education. For example, some nations in Africa  have to focus financial resourses on public healthcare rather than supports for arts sector due to high percentage of diseases. Additionally, artists can take care of themselves financially without the helps of the government. With development of internet and digital technology, they are completely likely to reach millions of people thereby, they can earn a lot of money to develop their own career.

On the other hand, i think that government need to give financial supports for musicians, poets and artists because of many reasons . The primary reason is that  there are a lot of artists who are unlikely to pursue their passions because of shortage of money although their products have positive effects on citizen’s spiritual life. For instance,  Nguyen Van Ty was a famous poets in Vietnam with excellent poems  but he made decision to end his career  because of lack of financial resources. Another reason is that arts area also has certain contributions to national reputation in beneficial ways. In fact, artists and poets with financial supports from authorities can reach internationally achievements , which may introduce nationally cultural values throughout the world.

By way of conclusion, i once again reaffirm my view that government should help financially for artists, musicians and poets because of their contributions to society and economic advantages.


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