Đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 – 02/04/2016 – It is impossible to help all people


It is impossible to help all people in the world, so governments should only focus on people in their own countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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The role of one government to support citizens of other countries has been a major topic of concern in today’s society. From my perspective, this practice is feasible and there are compelling reasons why governments should help people in the global community rather than only focusing on the citizens of their own countries.

In this context of globalisation and international integration, the provision of assistance for peoples of all countries in the world is not an impossible task anymore. One explanation for this is that modern means of transport have transformed the way that international assistance could be given, and now assistance could reach even the most remote places on Earth. For example, thousands of victims of a deadly earthquake in a mountainous city in Nepal were rescued by US and German military helicopters in 2014. One further explanation is that thanks to international banking, the international community could offer a helping hand to any country where the financial system is on the verge of collapse. An excellent example of this is that the saving money of millions of taxpayers and pensioners in Greece was saved by a timely act of the European Commission of injecting a huge amount of bailout money into Greek banks in 2009.

I strongly believe any government must assume the responsibility of helping citizens in other countries. This is mainly because assisting inhabitants in other countries, to some extent, is synonymous to assisting people in the home country. In 2014, hundreds of US and UK doctors and nurses were sent to African countries to cope with the outbreak of Ebola, a dreadful plague, which had killed many thousands by that time. This action prevented the plague from further spreading to other nations, including the US and the UK themselves, considering that there was a free movement of people between countries and there were millions of African migrant workers in the US and the UK at that time. In addition, the act of supporting people all around the world may promote a sense of humanity, which is essential to the sustainable development of the world, because humanity is the foundation of peace and stability.

To conclude, governments must provide assistance for citizens of other countries for a clear reason that this feasible act could simultaneously enhance a global sense of humanity and assure their own nationals of a proper living environment.


Helping people in need around the world has constantly evolved as a dominant debate among nations in recent years. There are a number of people who subscribe to the standpoint that it is impossible to support every habitant in the globe, so authorities should only concentrate on citizens of their own communities. Personally, I strongly disagree with this perception.

There is undeniable fact that the governments should pay more attention on the life quality of their own residents instead of helping overseas citizens. In order to monitor nations effectively and appropriately, authorities have significantly realised that improving the conditions of living is the most important policy regarding to welfare. Through sufficient programs to enhance the face of society, people in their communities would be happier and wealthier, which contribute substantially to the development of nations as well as solidarity among ethnic minorities throughout countries.

On the other hand, I am persuaded that apart from looking after local people who are facing difficulties, the governments also should attempt to assist struggling people in other nations. Countries around the world always share the same idea that diplomacy plays an essential role for not only the growth of societies  but also distributing the peace cross the world . Although some nations continuously encountered multiple obstacles in economy and other domestic issues, they still encourage their own residents to donate money and other commodities to help humans in need in other countries where emergent circumstances are taking place such as refugee crisis or natural disasters. The help no matter how value it is usually contains the message of contribution to those are much less fortunate in life. By doing those activities, diplomatic relationship among countries will be much  better and closer, probably develop as strategic trading partners in global and regional levels.

To conclude, in spite of the fact that supporting people in its own country is vital and needs to be implemented, I am of opinion that the governments should assist citizens of their neighborhood countries through aiding necessary items such as food, clean water, etc. Helping all people around the world is an effectively diplomatic measurement to deal with  emerging domestic problems and creating  the leverage for economic growth

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