Đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 – 03/12/2015 – The government and individuals are spending too much money


The government and individuals are spending too much money on national celebrations like new year or festivals. Do you agree or disagree?

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The oversexpansion of special events either in expenditure or scale is publicly recognised phenomenon across the world . Although this shall bring enormous number of advantages , the reversed aspect is considerably conspicuous

One the one hand , the primary reason of spreading national celebrations do not stem from entertainment , but from advertisment . In fact, the more national budget is poured into holding an special event , the more country’s reputation will be known . Such an action directly propagate the national images from local custom in particular to strongly national identity in general , which predipose to the development of tourism and business. Besides , it is convenient to link the wide variety of festive season to the family reunion period ,when every family members have opportunities to warm up relationship.

One the other hand , there are also several disadvantages simultaneously accompaning with the real validtity of festival . Firtsly, the defering of workload ( except for tourism ) would be unavoidable, which results in works in abeyance  , if the interval of relaxation time prolong excessively . Secondly , it is irrefutable fact that the output of any long and exacting celebration is a myriad of environmental issue . Not only do festival attenders leave stacks of rubbish , but they also indirectly make a contribution in pollution such as sound, traffic and the like . An salient exemplification that everybody often equate with this quandary is Asian ( China, Vietnam etc) celebration ,where the majority of citizen undeliberately throw tons of garbage while they are being in a particular special events

In conclusion ,had it not been for the unfavorable aspect that i mentioned above , neither the efficacy of national celebration nor that of folk festivals would have been worth elucidating furthermore


It is widely argued that national events such as new year or festivals are recieving too many fundings from our cabinets and citizens which is wasteful and unnecessary since money could be spent in other fields. In my opinion, although successful public celebrations could be beneficial for many different countries and cultures, there is no need to concentrate too much resources on them.

Clearly, both individuals and governments fully take advantage of their national ceremonies in many aspects from a boost in tourist industry to a closer relationship between people with different nationalities. As a result, investing cash on celebrating festivals in order to make sure the meaning and importance of them can be featured better is considered a vital need of nations. Typically, the investment could help develop the quality and length of a variety of services and activities during the events which is likely to make a deep impression in not only tourist but also the public.

However, the ostentation in a national celebration which is caused by huge investments would not be a great choice for a nation simply because this could affect negatively to local life and economy especially with less developed countries. In my peripheral view, there are many other problems that deserve attention and resource from the communities. For example, poor education system and polluted atmosphere are too major issues in Africa that need much money to carry out an effective solution.

In conclusion, over-spending on national ceremonies which is a truly international phenomenon should be limited. In general, a nation should focus on solving their problems before thinking about gaining more enjoyment through their activities in their celebrations.


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