Đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 – 05/03/2016 – In recent years, the structure of a family


In recent years, the structure of a family and the role of its members are gradually changing. What kinds of changes can occur? Do you think these changes are positive and negative?

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5_3_2016 ielts writing



It is true that the there is a significant change in terms of family structure. Recently, the man could do the housework such as cleaning or cooking, while more and more women go out to earn money for their family. Personally, having a number of factors led to this situation, and I consider it to be a positive trend.

The major reason of this case is a developing of the gender equality around the world. Nowadays, because women have higher position and education than the past, they able to do most anything as men do. Therefore, instead of cooking or looking for children, they could go out to work and earn money for their family, and it is an equally if the men have to do their housework and help their wife. Moreover, parents must change to adapt in our society. It is agreed that many families will have financial problems, if there are merely men working to pay living expenses. Consequently, parents need to share responsibilities in their family.

In my point, this trend is actually creating a profound positive influence not only in the society but also among the family as well. In fact, in some case female display a better perform in their work than male such as nurse or tailor, so this will bring many benefits for society. Furthermore, by doing housework, the husbands could understand how rough of their wife job. This leads a tied relationship among them which absolutely have positive impact on their child as well.

In conclusion, although the changing in role of husband and wife in family is the result of many reasons, I think that it should be seen as progress in society.


Nowadays, the composition of a family as well as its member’s part are likely to be quiet different from the past. Despite this phenomenon contains some small drawbacks, it is predominantly positive. To prove this true, this essay will look at the changes in number of babies a couple has and the mutual help among members.

For one, it is clear to realize that today’s parents are tending to have fewer children than their predecessors. For example, a study published in Happy Family magazine showed that averagely a couple in the 1950s has from 6 to 10 children, although the present one has only up to 3. As a result, this will minimize population growth and help parents more easily take care of their progenies. Therefore, the advantageous ramification of cutting down the amount of children in improving living standards can clearly be seen.

Secondly, there is a fantastic and surprise interchange house works among family members. For instance, my father in recent times usually gose home early anf cooks meals for the whole family, electricaly devices. Switching over the the regularly work of other people can raise sympathy towards them, understanding their feelings and difficulties and also curbs sexism. As this affirms, swapping affairs with each other is one of the benefits deriving from changing the role of family members.

In conclusion, the gradual reduction of children quantity and playing the role of members in a family are signs of optimism in social reform. It is thus predicted that the foreseeable future will be brighter and more progressive with these innovations.



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