Đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 – 07/05/2016 – Nowadays, more and more people


Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. What are the reasons? Do advantages of this outweigh disadvantages?

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Intense pressure on individual values has significantly changed human opinions, even in giving birth. There is no doubt that the maternal age is currently increasing years by years which means people choose to have babies in the later life more than at their young age. There are both pros as well as cons of this changing, though I do believe that this has more benefits than drawbacks.

Giving and raising a child are clearly the most difficult challenges for the younger who is, following the arrow of time, prone to prioritise their personal life rather than spending almost lifespan for the family building. They have more concerns like their own career, health protection, travelling, etc. Having a baby might cause an unexpected impact to their future goals due to lacking of time for doing a project or doing multiple job tasks on time. Time for travelling and social building will be reduced if your sons or daughters need you to help their extra-curriculum activities. Not only your usual time schedule but also your freedom would be seriously limited.

Moreover, through their actual life, the adults strongly understand that the cost for bringing up children is quite high compared to their income. In Vietnam or Asian countries, being parent means that you have to pay the variety of fee for your child from their early life to at least when they graduate from their high school without government incentives, and at the same time, you must be worried about your family bills. Caring a child also requires time and many parents couldn’t have time and expenditure for their health or appearances. As the matter of fact, young people argue how they could afford a child while they have not still sure whether their salary can be enough for the basic needs of both family members. Therefore, more and more couples do not desire to put more pressure to their personal life by raising a child too early.

Like the other side of coin, the outcome of having a baby too late is not a good idea for women and children health. Beside of possible miscarriage, new-born child may have been affected by the high risks of inborn diseases such as Down syndrome. Many scientists indicate that women giving birth at the age over 35 are more likely to easily get diabetes compared with the young mother. Consequently, these impacts may cause a stress for public health care.

In the nutshell, giving a birth late is the personal decision depending on many factors. If we are maximizing the development of individualism, this tendency absolutely brings more advantages outweighed the disadvantages.


Parturition has always been perceived as one of the most primary and vital matters to every married couple. Over the past few years, a great number of young people who tied the knot have decided not to give birth to their children in early years of their life after getting married due to some particular reasons. From my point of view, this trend brings about a much larger amount of benefits than drawbacks.

To begin with, there are numerous factors contributing to the increasing popularity of this trend. One of the major factors is that young married couples have got extremely busy lives. As life nowadays is a rat race and so competitive, people are expected to work much harder in order not to be made redundant by their employers as well as to be able to make ends meet. Accordingly, they do not have enough time for their wife or husband, let alone giving birth to and having time for their children. Another remarkable reason is financial problems. Earning a living is of great concerns to many young people. Not only do they work to afford their life, but they are also required to make sure their family does not have to live in poverty. Since most young couples have low and unsteady income, having one or some children may drive them to live a dog’s life.

There are some people who argue that this trend will probably bring in a considerable body of disadvantages. According to the scientists, women from the age of 35 are at a significant rate of giving birth to a child that is abnormal and unable to adopt complete development physically and mentally.

However, I believe that this trend is enormously beneficial regardless of its drawbacks. One of the most obvious advantages that can be obtained from this is a sound basis of finance in the future. As these parents who do not have children in their initial years of marriage, they are more likely to put aside a pretty amount of savings which can appropriately be used to raise and bring up their children in later years. Furthermore, late parturition enables young married couples to gain more experience and also to be well-prepared when they finally decide to have babies. Since they have time to prepare for this which is one of the most fundamental events in their life, they are able to make proper adjustments to themselves in order to be good parents.

To conclude, the reasons why more and more people decide to have babies later in their life vary greatly. Even though there may be some drawbacks created by this trend, they are outweighed by its numerous benefits.




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