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Some people think that it is good for a country’s culture to import foreign movies and TV programmes. Others think that it is better to produce these locally. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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it is widely argued that the transition of foreign films and TV shows among different nations brings many positive advantages to a country’s culture while many people suggest that films should just be provided in a particular national area. To be specific, this essay will discuss both sides and give some ideas about the topic.

On the one hand, it is easy to understand that a country with a variety of foreign movies and TV shows could be clearly beneficial in some peripheral views. Firstly, watchers may get a chance to experience many great storyline of many international movies which are rarely seen in local films. As a result, local resident could have their minds broaden positively and intercept latest trend of making film in other countries. Secondly, local citizens might adopt many reasonable habits and traditions of other countries deliberately through watching TV programmes to enhance their social system in terms of behavior and viewpoint. In fact, this could create a diversity of culture and customs in a specific land such as USA.

On the other hand,  there are many claims that suggest film production should be done in a limited area simply because foreigner may design many movies which contain unsuitable scenes with localism. Moreover, many phenomenal movies could take over the attention from the audiences so this could lead to a low income for local filmmaking. For instance, a blockbuster movie could gross over 1.5 billion dollar worldwide while each provincial or regional movie in Vietnam just get totally about 1 millions dollar.

In conclusion, it seems to me that viewers should be supplied a number of international films as a legal rights but the government must censor foreigner films before airing.


It is widely argued that importing foreign movies and TV programs can benefit for the local country while many people believe that the local alternatives should be used. The arguments on both sides of this debate need to be examined carefully.

First of all, although there are several reasons associated with broadcasting foreign-made programs, the most significant of which is that the viewers have more options to watch. Not only are the storylines original, but the foreign films also bring the new tradition, cuisine, lifestyle and fashion of the countries where the film was produced. Therefore, it is considered as a good opportunity for local people to broaden their mind and enhance more knowledge about different countries. For example, thanks for Korean wave, many Vietnamese know about kimbap, a common Korean food or hanbok, a traditional dress of Korea. Another reason worth mentioning is that local television programs and movie are under-quality. For instant, in Vietnam, where the majority of actors and actresses are amateur, the scenarios are uncreative, the effect is poor…, many local viewers have antipathy to Vietnamese movies. Therefore, they have a proclivity to choose external entertainment source. In order to satisfy the demands of spectators, television stations and movie theaters have to import the foreign films and programs.

On the other hand, producing movies and TV programs locally have some considerable advantages. Firstly, Foreign movies and programs might not suitable for the local citizens because the difference in tradition and culture. In some Islamic countries, such as Indonesia or Pakistan, movie scenes which contain sex, violence or bad language are forbidden. Furthermore, watching these local products is the way to create more jobs for the local filmmaking industry, from actors, actresses to directors, producers, musicians… The money made from these works will be re-invested in new modern studios or Art schools, so the quality of the next movies and TV programs would be better.

In conclusion, both using foreign or local moves and TV programs have the positive impact on the local culture.


It is true that the culture of a country is impacted by foreign films and TV shows. While many people suppose that producing movies and TV programs can be a good way for a country’s culture, I would argue that watching abroad movies and TV shows is much better.

On the one hand, there are a variety of reasons why local programs are produced much more. One reason is that domestic shown on television are compatible with traditional customs and indigenous practices of local residents. That might create favorable conditions for locals to attach importance to identities and values of the nation. In Vietnam, for example, the program “Songs go along the years” shown on TV give a golden chance to local citizens have a deeper understanding of scarifies of the predecessors as well as nurture an individual’s national pride. Another reason is that domestic documentary films make contribution to reflect actual diverse life of many destinies. Since then, other citizens might sympathize and give a donation to unfortunate people as well as help them to overcome life’s difficulties.

On the other hand, I believed that enjoying imported movies and TV shows is beneficial in some ways. Firstly, it allows viewers are easily accessible to various cultures’ beauties of countries over the world. As a result, they can broaden their own mind as well as pursue their own knowledge and might creative new cultural values. Secondly, oversea films with eye-catching and unique images easily attract local youngsters. If the content of these movies is high educational, they might have a positive influence on local youth and contribute to the individual personality development and lifestyles themselves. In Vietnam, for instance, most of the youngsters have a tendency to imitate polite behavior and elegant fashion of idols or favorite characters in famous Korean films.

In conclusion, although both watching foreign shows and local programs are advantageous in their own ways, it seems to me that it is better to enjoy foreign films and TV programs.

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