Đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 – 21/04/2016 – Nowadays, more and more older people who


Nowadays, more and more older people who need employment compete with the younger people for the same jobs. What problems this causes? What are solutions?

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Nowadays , more and more graduates feel uneasy to gain a specific job where not only young candidates , but also many older ones must be involved in  relatively competitive rounds in order to demonstrate why they are qualified for the position. This increasing phenomenon could bring a lot of problems , but it seems to be possible to deal with , as discussed below

The competition in jobs between young and old people can cause a lot of problems. Firstly, the proportion of unemployed people will increases as more people fight for the same job.Therefore the amount of social problems will grows up. Secondly, the distribution in jobs will be affected as some jobs will be competed by too many people while some will be applied by very few. Thirdly, failed applicants may have to work in unfavored jobs so they cannot work with the best quality.

In order to eliminate this, solutions must be given.Hence the education is firstly considered that means the attractively-people-courses should have tougher entrance test to limit students.For the jobs which attract less people the working conditions must be upgraded to attract more labours and equalize the job distribution. Lastly, companies should train the workers before they start working and they should be encouraged to take extra courses for developing necessary abilities.

Generally speaking, the job competition between young and old people is a big problem but with suitable solutions, it can be limited


In recent years, more and more older people have become competitors with young employees for the same position. The phenomenon is causing many serious problems. This essay will discuss some majorities of issues before providing solutions to address it.

First, one of main problems is that the young candidates are able to face a risk of unemployment. It is hard for postgraduate students when they have to compete with the elderly who have more living and working experience and do not spend too much time to adapt to a new job. As the result, the postgraduate students may have difficulties to find a job and they are possible to work illegal jobs such as theft to make living. In additions, a lot of people compete for a same job which can lead to the shortage of labor in some jobs. For example, in Vietnam many people dream to become a banking staff, a doctor or businessmen while a variety of jobs such as engineer or machine repairer are ignored. Consequently, the large amount of customer’s demand can be solved because of this shortage.

To deal with this obstacle, I think that government, companies and individuals should bear responsibility together. Governments should increase welfare for retirees, by this way the working motivation of elderly can be reduced and they may not want to find a job to make living. Beside, companies and educating organizations need to cooperate to raise awareness of residents including younger and older people. They should help residents to realize that all of jobs have benefits for the society and should not focus to find a same job. Finally, each individual have to research working demand of society and know about personal strength and weakness to find one suitable employment’s opportunity.

In conclusion, the increasing of competition between the older employees and younger ones causing a range of harmful problems. Governments, associations, and individuals need give one hand together to make effective alternatives and deal with this issue.


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