Đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 – 21/11/2015 – Many people go to university for academic study


Many people go to university for academic study. More people should be encouraged to do vocational training because there is lack of qualified workers such as electricians and plumbers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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21_11_2015 ielts writing


The recruitment of qualified workers has constantly evolved as a major concern of topic in recent years. Nowadays, while multiple students enter universities for academic purposes, there are a number of citizens who subscribe to the viewpoint that as many as adults should be activated to study in vocational training programs to create eligible human resources. Personally, I strongly contend that the conception will significantly generate extraordinary benefits for the development of society.

There is no disputing the fact that a lot of bachelors graduated universities have been lacking of essential expertise in professional environment as present. Thereby, supposing that amount of students participated in apprenticeship projects and approached knowledge in reality, they would considerably improve their suitable skills to overcome tough chosen procedures of headhunters. Another noteworthy explanation supporting this cognition is that the engagement into vocational training costs a shorter educating progress as well as cheaper tuition than in tertiary education. Such qualified workers can produce high quality merchandise that meets sophisticated requirements of global market.

On the other hand, although the statement brings about several profitable elements, that still contains some drawbacks. In case that a plenty of learners only enrolled in vocational schools and very fewer residents accepted to pursue academic studies, intellectual property resources of nation would tremendously be exacerbated. Vocational students left institutes simply assemble set of parts in products such as motorbikes, cars, etc in accordance with available processes. Previously, they cannot innovate new patents as experts and inventors can do. Oppositely, scholastic curriculum in universities aims to supply in-depth comprehension regarding to scientific branches so that scientists might easily research and create updated innovation to replace old fashion machines.

In conclusion, in spite of some stumbling blocks of apprenticeship schools, I am of opinion that society should encourage as many students as possible if they are interested in these programs to generate productive employees with eligible conditions.


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Many people go to university for academic study. More people should be encouraged to do vocational training because there is lack of qualified workers such as electricians and plumbers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that there is an increasing number of high-school graduates to prefer enrolling in universities than vocational schools. This leads to a shortage of skilled workers for labor markets. Therefore, I completely agree with the idea that young people need to be urged to take a course in trade schools.

The achievement of students in vocational schools may ensure their success future. Obviously, the developing economies require a high demand of manual workers for production lines and service businesses. This means, upon graduating from career schools, students may have many job opportunities and seek employment easier than those with bachelor degrees of business or finance. For example, according to the report of Vietnam Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs in 2015, we have redundant 200.000 people with the bachelor of economics while we lack hundred thousands of skilled workers such as welders, turner, machinist, and nurses in order to supply for labour markets.

Therefore, this policy may help to balance between two types of manpower: white-collar and blue-collar workers in society. Manual workers contribute to the growth of the economy as much as white-collar workers do in the office. If a country lacks skilled workers, its economics may have negative effects. For instance, national electrical supply systems not able to be operated well if there are not enough electricians to maintenance them monthly. As a result, factories and enterprises will be lost electrical power and effect directly on quality and quantity of product. This leads to damages for businesses in particular and economics in general.

In conclusion, labour markets are in a severe shortage of qualified workers, hence, encouraging youngsters to take part in trade schools are actually necessary to maintain the economic in good shape.


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