Đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 – 27/02/2016 – More and more young people from wealthy countries are


More and more young people from wealthy countries are spending a short time in communities in poorer countries doing unpaid work such as teaching or building houses. Why?Who benefit more from this, the community or these young people?

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27_2_2016 ielts writing


In recent years, it has become apparent that there is an increase in young volunteer from the wealthy region that decides to do unpaid work in developing countries. This essay will discuss principal reasons for this social phenomenon as well as reveal the side that benefits more.

First of all, although there are several reasons associated with this phenomenon, the most significant of which is the need of young people to possess the competitive background in order to increase job security. Therefore, young people feel the necessity for having voluntary certification so as to surpass other competitors. For example, an employer would desire to recruit a candidate who graduated with high score as well as had volunteering experience than a person who only possesses great score-band. In addition, another reason worth mentioning is that the procedure for oversea volunteer becomes simpler. Not only are there more volunteer abroad organization and project, many governments had shown the efforts to simplify the administrative formalities, such as visa procedure.

Secondly, although unpaid job is beneficial for both the volunteers and the poor regions, I am convinced that the former receive more profit than the later. Their unpaid work is a mere short-term solution for the community because of the restriction of time and budget. Accordingly, these projects rarely can make a significant change in the natives’ lives. On the contrary, these volunteer projects are considered as a great opportunity for the young people to build skills and experiences, to gain confidence, to make new friends and contacts as well as to identify more accurately their strengths, their drawbacks and their desires. Hence, they could become a new, better citizen and more competitive candidate for the job market.

In conclusion, the requirement of more competitive profile and the simplification of procedure are the two main reasons for this phenomenon. Although the volunteers benefit more from the unpaid works, it has long been my belief that the government should continue to help these projects.


That young generation nowadays usually come to developing countries or underdeveloped countries in their short holidays to attend voluntary activities like become teachers to teach poor children help or  build infrastructure for the local citizens.  In my opinion, I suggest that maybe probably both the youngers  and the local residents have many benefits from this actions. This essay aims to discuss some cause of this issue.

Many causes make the youngers decide to join in social activities in third countries. Firstly, most students or who have graduated want to add your profile a list of community activities mainly because most of the companies usually require their candidates have a impress curriculum vitae. So  they try to participate in doing unpaid work in some poor nations to make their resumes more brightening. Besides, the others actually want to assist poorer civilians maybe because they aware of many problems that the poor citizens in developed countries have to face like lack of teachers in some disadvantages areas, terrible status of works. Attending activities like building house, road improvement or even volunteer teachers, to name just a few also a way to express their attention to the poor in underdeveloped countries.

However, no one can deny that the advantages from charity programs by the young to the local citizens and the government. First of all, many children who have difficulties in attending school can have the opportunities to continue their studies by assistance from foreign volunteer teachers. For example, in areas meeting with difficult, children forced to leave the school or even they cannot go to the school like the same ages simply because they have to earn the money to support their families. Although, many the young foreign teachers from wealthy nations willing come to poorer regions and teach the children without fee.   Last but not least, the government cannot support all the families that get trouble in finance annually, so if the foreign volunteers help the residents built house, it would reduce the pressure of the poor on the government.

In conclusion, the youth in recent years from wealthy counties have trend of come developed nations and do works that they do not need require any ask about salary. It definitely not only bring many profits for the young but also the civilians in difficult countries.


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