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Nowadays young people are admiring media and sports stars, even though they do not often set a good example. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

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In the modern society, youngsters often look up to well-known entertainers and athletes. Many people believe that these celebrities are not good role models for young individuals. Thus, they are concerned about the influence of such admiration. From my perspective, whether that idolisation is beneficial or detrimental depends merely on the young generation’s attitudes.
On the one hand, youngsters’ adoration towards celebrities can bring about several positive effects to themselves. First of all, individuals who are selective will filter out all the negative characteristics and only opt for good traits in famous figures to emulate. This consciousness ensures that adolescents will not blindly reduplicate improper actions from celebrities. For example, even though singer Michael Jackson was involved in several allegations, his talent, perseverance and work ethic still inspire many youngsters around the world. Secondly, teenagers can also take valuable lessons from their idols’ mistakes. Since celebrities’ actions are often publicized, adolescents have the opportunities to observe various examples of misconducts and learn from them. For instance, upon hearing the doping accusation of Louis Armstrong, many of the biker’s fans realize that there is no shortcut which leads to success and honesty should be of paramount importance.
On the second hand, idolizing entertainers and sportsmen may result in adverse effects. To begin with, since most adolescents are malleable, bad examples from celebrities can develop moral issues in them. Many teenagers who look up to Hollywood figures such as Paris Hilton believe that they should pursue a glamorous, material life with parties and nightclubs. Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian present a wrong message to the young generation, suggesting that using scandals and PR stunts are the most effective methods to gain attention and be successful. Furthermore, there are considered to be better role models for the young to hold in high regards, such as activists or philanthropists. However, the popularity of celebrities may sway teenagers’ interest away from these individuals. To be more specific, many teenagers do not care much about politics and other social issues since their attention is solely devoted to entertaining figures.
All things considered, I believe that the adoration which youngsters dedicate to media and sports stars have both strengths and weaknesses. While this admiration allows youngsters to emulate celebrities’ good traits and draw a lesson from their mishaps, it also develops moral issues in them and takes the spotlight away from the more deserving role models.

Celebrities and sport stars are considered as the main influence and inspiration on the youth in the 21th century.  In fact, many of them are not qualified to become a role model for youngsters but they still spread their lifestyle to young people all over the world. Personally, i think that this might be an adverse improvement in our modern society.

One serious problem that can arise from teenagers who try to follow their idol activities is sometimes they can acquire many unfavorable gestures and behaviors accidentally through their idol scandal or daily routines. As a result, youngster could start imitating celebrities manner which might bring some negative effect on their daily life due to their weak awareness and judgement. For instance, some famous singers such as justin bieber used to consume drugs in his vacation which shock not only his parents but also his fans. Even though this is a shameful act that could destroy his career, long-time young fan still believe what he did is cool and begin to use illegal substances.

In my opinion, there are many other individuals in other field that could be a better model. Many soldiers or doctors should recieve more respect from our community especially teenagers because they are already some great heros with huge contribution to our society. I suggest that the youth should rethink about what basic requirement of a person to admire to make the best decision instead of focusing on famous ones. In my peripheral view, an ideal idol should not only be rich and in public eyes but also more importantly have some good personalities such as passion, persistence and courage.

In conclusion, I think that the youth should notice their idol personality to choose to become a fan or not also there are many great leaders and citizens in other fields should be appreciated from youngsters.

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