Đề thi IELTS Writing task 2- 29/01/2015 – It is now possible for scientists and tourists to travel to remote natural environment


It is now possible for scientists and tourists to travel to remote natural environment, such as South pole.

Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages.

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With the development of science technology, the routine to special natural lands such as the south and north poles is not impossible for scientists and travelers. I believe that bringing people to such areas has both advantages and disadvantages. Both sides of view will be disscussed before a resonable conclusion is given.

On the one hand, there will be  many benefits as we encourage reseachers and tourists to the area like the south pole. Firstly, the trips are the benificial adventure for scientists understanding more about the earth. By analyzing the level of snow and the atmosphere inside the air, the reseachers will have more evident about global warming to prove that our earth are in a dengerous situation of warming globally. Secondly, it will be an effective factor to stimulate the development of tourism industry in these areas. For example, with a easier flight to the south pole, more and more back-packing men will travel to this location, and in return it will rise others public services such as accommodation providing, etc. From these reasons, it is clear that developing the route to remote natural environment will have many advantages.

On the other hand, it also will bring to lots of drawbacks to remote natural lands. First of all, it is likely to damage the environment of the area totally as too many scientist or tourists coming there. For instance, the amount of waste will be increased rapidly when those people come and leave continueously, because there is no recyling waste factories around the area such as the south or north pole. In addition, travelling people from main land to those locations will be more danger than normal flights. From above causes, there is no dout that the disadvantages of travelling to remote natural environment can be seen.

After analyzing the pros and cons of adventuring to remote natural locations, i believe that the advantage outweighs the disadvantage. It is recommended that the flight to such environment should be encouraged more in the foreseeable future.


Some people hold the view that the remote natural areas which are often accessed by only scientists due to their rigorous condition should be opened for tourists as well. In my opinion, there is no doubt to cash on their benefits on tourism, however, It also have adverse effects on not only eco-system but also the safety of themselves.

To begin with, there are several advantages when permitting tourist travel to remote natural environment. First of all, the tourism would have an opportunity to develop to a different level. The fact is that the remote environment is still the mystery for many people. Therefore, it could attract a huge number of visitors who love adventuring and discovering of the secrets of earths, as the result, it brings lots of benefit for tourism. Moreover, the increasing of travelers to dangerous regions also stimulates development of other support services such as rescue, tour guides and carriers, which would open lots of employment opportunities for labor market. Besides, the infrastructures like hotels, restaurants which rarely exist in those areas would be built to provide services for tourists. Also, it enriches the life of professionals who do researches here.

On the other hand, the appearance of tourist in the remote natural area is believed to be harmful for ecosystem and risky. It’s clear that the misbehaviors of travelers like littering and hunting animals have lots of drawbacks to the wild life and natural landscapes. Moreover, the remote natural areas such as South and North pole, have been well-known with the vigorous weather conditions, therefore, it have high risk potential for travelers who are lost the way or faced to unpredicted situation such as snow storm or avalanche.

In conclusion, the permissions for travelers exploring remote natural environment will bring lots benefits to tourism, although it also have drawbacks to environment as well. However, in my opinion, its adverse effects could be minority in comparison with its benefits if the is a suitable management from travel companies and government to raise awareness of visitors on protecting environment as well as keep themselves from potential risks



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